“Mini“ – Product Promotion

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Product Focus – London Dairy ‘Minis’

London Dairy had an objective to push and promote ‘Mini’ Ice- cream packs to the crowd. The ‘Mini’ Ice cream packs contained smaller versions of their usual ice cream cones, cups and sticks. An Activation was to be planned and executed wherein the term “mini” would become a top of the mind recall towards London Dairy’s ‘Mini’ packs of ice cream, to result in a longer term impact to the consumers.

London Dairy – ‘Mini World’ – Theme Setup

The concept for the activation that was come up with was a ‘Mini-World’. The setup that was proceeded with was to build an essence and atmosphere of a World of Minis (Mini ice cream) as well as maintain the London Dairy branding and messaging. The elements of the activation included promoters drawing visitor’s attention to the setups which had promos on the mini ice cream range. The setup was backed by an arc designed to represent the idea of “your own mini world” made of London Dairy’s ice cream sticks, cones and cups.


To make the catch term/ catch phrase more noticeable, a ‘MINI’ car was put on display for it to be catchy from afar. Upon purchase of London Dairy Product, you would enter a draw, the winner of which would be given a prize of the Mini Cooper. This was a clear incentive for the people passing-by to try out London Dairy’s featured range.

Interactive VR Experience

To complete the task of engaging the audience with a unique experience to remember, a VR journey was made available to the visitors. Using the VR equipment provided, they would then embark on a virtual journey to how London would look like if it was made of London Dairy’s Ice Cream sticks, cones and cups.

The Outcome

While it played to the advantage that the product in question (Ice Cream) is well loved by every other person out there, including the Mini Cooper as a prize and the enticing VR experience helped to gather larger amounts of crowd. The VR experience was the trump card in having a different offering to the visitor, being a matter of moments not easily forgettable. After a visitor experience at the activation, the word “mini” was much more associated with London Dairy and their Mini range.