Tyre Manufacturing Giants Pirelli desired a brand push in the city of Abu Dhabi. They had requirements wherein they would promote their service of changing your tyres at YOUR Location. Adding to that would be the need to create and setup a display that truly represents Pirelli, as well as have heightened visitor engagement. They didn’t just want to display or boast Pirelli’s presence, they wanted the visitors to remember the event.


To contribute to its attractiveness and draw a bigger crowd, It was critical to showcase perhaps one of Pirelli’s largest assets – their involvement in the Formula One. The base setup was ensured to have strengthened capacity in order to place a display F1 car on the activation stand. A “Mobile Van” with Pirelli branding on it was setup at the stand for the intent of promoting Pirelli’s “Mobile tyre change” Service. The setup was further complimented by promoters, digital surveys, coupons, games, prizes and giveaways for visitors.


These tab-based surveys developed by NAM were a vital medium to collect visitor information. Visitors would register their details like Name, contact details, details of their car models, what tyre brands and tyre models they use, previous service details etc. Upon registering and completing the survey visitors would receive coupons to play a game organized at the stand.
Brand Activation Agency Showcase


To increase visitor engagement and make it memorable for them, a game was organized for each coupon holder where they would throw balls from a small distance into different boxes containing different prizes. Upon successfully throwing the ball into the box they would then receive a prize from that same box. Prizes presented were offers from Pirelli such as buy 1 tire get 1 free, free tire checkup and more.


– Kris Fade, the most popular Radio Jockey in Dubai and one of the most famous RJ’s in UAE was on stage to boost the event attraction. His popularity helped to boost footfall and establish an even more exciting atmosphere.


Pirelli’s top of the range ‘P-Zero’ were the center of attention. The aim was to catch eyes on P-Zero and that was justly done with P-Zero tyres stacked up as decor on the stand, as well as P-Zero branding on the Mobile Van and on the tires of the F-1 car
Branding Agency Pirelli


The experience wasn’t meant to end at the stand. Goodie bags were given away to visitors. The bags were branded for Pirelli and contained more merchandise branded like caps, mugs and t-shirts for brand visibility, reach and top of the mind recall.


Pirelli’s objectives were complete. A crowd was drawn by the hard-thought design, setup and with Kris Fade’s support. Visitors happily participated in games to win prizes as well as take away free gifts. For most, it was an experience to recall and remember.