Breaktime Bus Shell Rimula Works As Hard As You. This campaign targeted both heavy truck and LCV drivers, while attempting to create an emotional bond between them and the Shell Rimula brand by showing appreciation for the hard work they do. The aim for this campaign is to substantially enhance brand awareness and preference for the Shell brand. This is the reason for the slogan: Shell Rimula, the Engine Oil that “Works as Hard as You”. The Shell Rimula “Breaktime Bus” travelled across the country for 3 months allowing truckers to take the hard earned break they deserve including a free massage and a movie! Truckers were offered the following: a cold soda, air conditioned lounge, a free massage, a short exciting movie about Shell Rimula, Shell Rimula bags, cups, keychains and more. The Breaktime bus visited all major trucker locations across the country until the end of the year. ”Breaktime” is a long overdue thank you to our truckers who are our true agents of success. Not only did this campaign strengthen their loyalty to Shell, it has spread the word even wider that Shell is a socially incorporated company which works for the welfare of all of its players. This is how Shell works, this is how consumers should be treated!


Increase brand awareness and preference of Shell Rimula

Target Audience

 Truck drivers and LCV drivers


Streets Tracker meeting points/gathering