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About NAM Dubai

NAM Dubai is a well-known advertising and marketing agency incorporated at Dubai World Central (DWC) and offers marketing and advertising solutions to local as well as multinational clients.

As one of the best exhibition stand builders in Dubai, NAM Dubai justifies itself by providing a huge variety of stand building expertise in different exhibition stands.

If you’re looking for an exhibition stand contractor in Dubai, NAM Dubai will catch your attention. This exhibition stand design company adds value to their client’s brands and makes the events pop better for you.

Benefits of an Expert Exhibition Stand Builder Dubai

Hiring an expert exhibition stand builder can offer several benefits, including:

Professional design:

A skilled builder brings design knowledge to the table, ensuring that your show stand is eye-catching and stands out from the competitors.


They may design the stand to incorporate certain themes, colors, and branding components that correspond to your brand’s distinctive personality.

Space optimization:

Skilled builders know how to make the most of the space at their disposal, guaranteeing effective arrangement and utilization of every corner to provide an eye-catching and useful stand.

High-quality construction:

Experienced builders use premium materials to create exhibition stands, creating a sturdy and well-built structure.

Time and resource savings:

By outsourcing the building process, you may effectively handle every stage, from design to installation, saving time and money.

With such benefits, it is quite important to have a good and reliable exhibition stand builder, and it is hence advised to tie up with an exhibition stand builder company or have custom exhibition stand builders help you build your exhibition stand.

Service by best exhibition stand contractors Dubai – NAM Dubai

NAM Dubai provides a variety of exhibition stand services, even when it comes to the types of exhibition stands, and can help you build all of the following exhibition stands:

Portable exhibition stands:

These versatile, lightweight display systems are designed for trade shows and exhibits and enable businesses to present their goods and services wherever they are, NAM Dubai can help you make a portable exhibition stand that is cost-effective and efficient as well.

Custom exhibition stands:

NAM Dubai has a track record of making custom exhibition stands that are manufactured to order and built to fit certain specifications, providing firms with distinctive and individualized branding opportunities for making a strong show presence at your next exhibition.

Pop-up displays and exhibition stands:

If you’re looking for lightweight, portable, and collapsible display stands that “pop up” quickly and simply, NAM Dubai is here to support you. We can help you make these stands, which are frequently portable, lightweight, and ideal for modest booth areas, so you have the liberty to stand out and be efficient.

Standard shell scheme exhibition stands:

Pre-built structures offered by event planners typically include simple walls, carpets, and lighting. To establish a distinctive presence within a certain area, exhibitors can personalize these booths with their branding materials. NAM Dubai can help you personalize these booths and build your exhibition stand without you having to worry.

Bespoke exhibition stands:

If you’re planning to go to an exhibition that is one of your biggest opportunities, it’s time to reach heights with NAM Dubai and build Bespoke Exhibition Stands. These are completely customized and created from the ground up to meet the unique demands and branding requirements of a business. These stands provide countless creative opportunities, enabling the creation of a genuinely distinctive and attention-grabbing show.

Modular exhibition stands:

Flexible display systems that are interchangeable and offer a variety of configuration options for exhibitors. These show stands are easily adaptable to various exhibition venues and specifications, so if you’re looking to have a versatile exhibition stand, then get in touch with NAM Dubai to achieve your goals.

If you are looking for reliable exhibition stand contracting services in Dubai, get in touch with NAM Dubai, an exhibition stand design company that can cater to all your exhibition stand service needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the importance of exhibition stands?

The value of exhibition stands comes from their capacity to present goods, services, or concepts to a specific audience in a live event environment.

They give companies and organizations a focused area where they may interact with potential clients, generate leads, increase brand recognition, and advertise their products. Exhibition booths provide a venue for making a strong first impression, conveying important ideas, and differentiating yourself from the competition.

What do you need for an exhibition stand?

For setting up an exhibition stand, one would usually need the following:

  1. Stand design
  2. Graphics and branding
  3. Display materials
  4. Furniture and seating
  5. Lighting and audiovisual equipment
  6. Marketing collateral
  7. Staff and training

How do you set up an exhibition stand?

The process usually involves the following steps:

  1. Planning and designing
  2. Preparing materials
  3. Logistics and transport
  4. Stand construction
  5. Merchandising and organization
  6. Staff training
  7. Finishing touches

What size is an exhibition stand?

Depending on the available space and the individual needs of the exhibitor, an exhibition stand’s size might change.

Small booths or kiosks up to bigger venues with several sections for meetings, presentations, and product displays can all be used as exhibition stands. An exhibition stand’s dimensions are commonly expressed in square meters or square feet.

What are the different types of exhibitions?

Different types of exhibitions can vary depending on the industry, purpose, and format. 

Here are some common types:

  1. Trade shows
  2. Consumer expos
  3. Art Exhibitions
  4. Science and Technology Exhibitions
  5. Job and career fairs
  6. Travel and tourism expos
  7. Industry conferences
  8. Virtual exhibitions

How do I choose an exhibition stands Dubai?

When choosing an exhibition stand, consider the following factors:

  1. Objectives
  2. Stand size
  3. Stand design
  4. Budget
  5. Stand type
  6. Location
  7. Services and amenities
  8. Logistics and installation
  9. Engagement opportunities

Remember to plan ahead, research different options, and consult with exhibition stand designers or organizers to find the most suitable match for your specific needs and budget.

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